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[14 Feb 2009|06:03pm]
"this world has no boundaries."
-between the buried and me.

i'm thinking of getting this quote as a chest piece.
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[23 Sep 2008|04:52pm]
for being an environmental issues professor, this bitch wastes way too much paper.
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[19 Aug 2008|02:31pm]
setting: danny and steve's old apartment (at the home place inn on college ave.), sunday night.
characters: me, steve, danny disco, andrew, stephanie, jersey, john, and sunny.

around 1130 i'll guess, we started to get our party on. we were having a few drinks, a few people were smoking it up, just having an awesome time. 3 am rolls around, and i'm pretty much sober, ready to head to bed. sunny and andrew just got done smoking their like, 12th bowl, so they were still pretty stoned. when andrew is drunk/high, he gets really loud. so, we were sitting outside, and the landlord yelled out the window to quiet down because they had some complaints.

the split second after she said that, what looked like a fucking army hummer comes flying into the parking lot, coming to a stop a few feet in front of us. a huge white van comes flying in right behind it and comes to a stop right beside the army hummer thing. a bunch of guys in fucking army suits with machine guns and dogs jump out of the vehicles and yell at us to "GET ON THE GROUND !" my first thought was that the US was being attacked and we were all doing safety measurements of some sort. then my next thought was, "we weren't THAT loud, were we ?!" and danny, being the way he is, was inside, looking out the window yelling "what the fuck is going on ?!" as the guys in uniforms are yelling at him to put his hands on the window. can you imagine ? guys in army uniforms with MACHINE GUNS and DOGS yelling at you to get on the ground ?! pretty fucking scary. as we were laying on the ground, i was afraid to move, for fear that i'd get shot.

after a few minutes, they told us we could get up. i didn't even notice the 10 police cars parked all around us. they had kicked in the door of the apartment next to us. i guess the people that lived there had stolen shit, and the guy was wanted for a class A robbery.

aaaaah, waterville.
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[07 Aug 2008|10:29pm]
i moved into my apartment today. it's huge and i have a room that i don't even know what to do with. it's so nice, i love it. it's weird to know that i'm finally on my own. ahh, scary !
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[02 Aug 2008|07:29pm]
he's the perfect guy. he's sweet, he's gorgeous, he's respectful, he makes me laugh, he doesn't treat me any differently around his friends, he doesn't always try to get in my pants, and he actually talks about me as "the girl that he really wants to date." and whenever i meet another one of his friends, they always ask, "oh, you're the girl he likes," which means he talks to his friends about me.


i force myself to think that i don't really like guys, because i'm so used to guys just wanting sex from me. guys need to grow up and not just think about sex all the time.
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[19 Jul 2008|10:26pm]
this is long overdue.
and probably meaningless via livejournal.

i'm sorry.

i can finally admit to what i did.
i doubt you'll forgive me, i don't expect you to.
but just know that i mean it.
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[12 Jul 2008|02:07pm]
so last night i went to a bar. yes, a bar. one that serves alcoholic beverages and everything. steven, justin, and i. steve's friend, brad (he's wicked cute btw), is the dj so not only did he get us in (i'm only 18, justin and steve are only 19), but for FREE (we didn't even have to wait in line-all brad had to do was say, "they're with me, but you guys have to deal with him (the id guy)." AND. AND. AND. we got FREE drinks ALL NIGHT. ANYTHING WE WANTED. FOR FREE. the only thing was, it was a gay bar. hahahahaha. steve and justin, the two most non-gay guys in a gay bar. if you only knew justin and steve you'd maybe find it half as funny as i do.
but it was extremely fun and i'm now buddy-buddy with brad so i can pretty much go there whenever i want and get free drinks.
i love my life.
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[21 Jun 2008|06:58pm]
1. some woman backed into my BRAND NEW car. so, it's being fixed. and i had scraped the side along a cement thing at a gas station and fucked up the door, so we blamed that on her too. so i'm having 2400$ worth of damage being fixed completely free for me. i dropped it off tuesday i think, and i won't have it back until next tuesday or wednesday. SUCKS. i miss my car.
2. i got fired. well no, "let go" from work on thursday. it's really fine by me because i was getting roughly 8 hours a week and i hated one of the managers, which is basically why i left mcdonald's.
3. i have orientation for college monday-wednesday of this week. SCARY.
4. i miss becca :(.
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[09 Jun 2008|03:00pm]
i have officially graduated from high school. it still hasn't hit me yet. i'm not sure how long it'll take. but i hope i'm not in a huge crowd of people when it happens, because i will be a crying fool.
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[03 Jun 2008|10:59am]
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[17 May 2008|02:44pm]
[ mood | : (. ]


i have a brand new car i love.
and an awesome job i adore.
and basically any material object i could ever want, i get.


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[08 May 2008|04:11pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so, nick has turned into this obsessive, stalker-ish, annoying boy. and i have a new boy in my life. he is cute and sweet and wonderful, and i like him a lot. but nick always asks me things like "have you kissed him yet?," and "where does he work?," and "are you seeing him today?," which, as you can imagine, gets extremely annoying. not to mention that he showed up to a party at charlie's dad's house that he WAS NOT INVITED TO and was TOLD NOT TO COME TO. seriously pathetic.

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[06 May 2008|11:55am]
[ mood | sad ]

so i got a new car. a brand new 2008 scion tc. i absolutely love it. but last night i pulled in to get gas and i realized my gas tank was on the other side. so i went to turn around and you know those cement things they put at the end of the gas pumps ? that scraped along the bottom of the passenger side of my car. so now the side is dented and fucked up. it's really not that bad, but the more i look at it the more i want to cry. anyone want to hook me up with someone who can fix it for an extremely low price ?

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[23 Apr 2008|08:06pm]
i love my job. time goes by so fast because i'm always doing stuff. i love the people i work with. i make roughly $15 an hour with my hourly wage and tip outs. so i walk out of there with like $40 every day. i'm saving for a scion tc. my mom is finally convinced to let me get a car before i go to college. yes !

ps. i feel like i make more money than i know what to do with.
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[03 Apr 2008|10:11am]
[ mood | cold ]

i got a new job. at ruby tuesday. pretty psyched.

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[13 Dec 2007|07:39pm]
1. i was accepted to une !
2. i got a $8500 academic scholarship.
3. i'm now on prozac.
4. i have a viral infection.

bye !
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[22 Oct 2007|08:45pm]
i got a tattoo ! last thursday. the day before i turned 18. neattttt.
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[09 Sep 2007|11:52am]
[ mood | happy ! ]

i'm getting a puppy ! a siberian husky. it was born july 3rd. it's adorable and it has the bluest eyes ever. we went to see him today, and put a down payment on him. we're picking him up friday. we named him jack. i love him !

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[07 Sep 2007|11:25am]
[ mood | sexy. ]

why does every guy that comes through the drive-thru feel the need to hit on me ? i had a guy that i hardly even know come through last night and ask me if i had a boyfriend. i said yes, obviously, and he was like, "..want another one ?" i don't know you ! no, i'm not a polygamist. one boyfriend is enough for me.


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[26 Aug 2007|03:51pm]
1.) we got a new tv. it looks like this:

except, it's bigger. a lot bigger, and we don't often watch still images of waterfalls. and it's all black.

it's like 10 inches smaller than our previous tv though, but it's 287628965289 times better quality because it's brand spankin' new.

2.) i took pictures with my uncle yesterday for the first time. it was cool, i guess. it felt like i was an actual model or something. we're doing it again sometime. maybe i'll post some of the pictures when he sends them.
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